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Shipping Store – Winston-Salem Shipping
USMail, FedEx, Ups and DHL Store
Call Us At: 336-499-2660

Shipping Store

Full-Service Shipping Store: Skip The Long Lines

If you’re getting a little weary of standing around in line at the local Post Office, you’re certainly not alone; the best way to avoid the endless tedium is to find a Winston-Salem shipping store that does all of the annoying legwork for you.  Goin’ Postal is that shipping store.  These days, a lot of people are getting tired of waiting around the Post Office to send out letters, gifts, business inventory, and miscellaneous eBay loot; after all, the line-ups get pretty long sometimes, and time is money for entrepreneurs (and a host of other busy men and women).

If you’re overscheduled – or just unwilling – to waste any more of your precious time standing around the Post Office, you’ve got to find a local shipping store that will give you fast, superb service without the endless waiting. Clock-watching at the Post Office will be a distant and distasteful memory when you embrace a whole new way of shipping and receiving mail and packages.

Luckily, Goin’ Postal Winston-Salem, NC is here to provide you with innovative, cost-effective shipping services that never waste your valuable time in our convenient neighborhood shipping store.  Our shipping store is convenient to Winston-Salem, Pfafftown and Lewsiville.


One-Stop Shipping Store Without the Hassle…

Our shipping store offers stellar shipping and receiving services that are truly second to none; in fact, we are permitted to get your mail for you via the United States Postal Service. At our cutting-edge shipping store, you will be able to retrieve your mail and have your precious items packed and shipped to anywhere in the world.

Clearly, we are a time-saving solution for almost anyone who’s sick of long line-ups and tiresome Post Office transactions. We fill a need by cutting out the waiting and

the frustration. Our shipping services are designed to take the pressure off your shoulders, and they are UPS and Fedex authorized. As you can see, the Post Office and the biggest shipping companies in the industry work closely with us, because they know that we offer trustworthy, aboveboard service to our valued clientele. We are very proud to be an authorized Fedex location and UPS location.

Whether you need Parcel Post, Certified Mail, or any other common Post Office service, we can give you exactly what you want, without making you wait. You won’t sacrifice a single thing when you choose our local shipping store over the Post Office. In fact, you’ll gain so many advantages, because you’ll get all of the services and none of the hassle and wait…

To keep our clients satisfied, we’ve created a clever account system that less you bypass the line-ups. Once you’ve registered with us, all you need to do is deliver your packages, and we’ll take care of the rest. You don’t need to wait around for invoicing or receipts. To streamline your customer service experience, we send you a bill weekly or monthly, depending on your preferences.

Private Mailboxes with All of the Bells and Whistles

You’ll also love the way our private mailbox services are so different than those of our competitors. To serve you better, we’ve learned how to eliminate the pitfalls of conventional private mailbox services. For example, we will receive any size of package that is sent to you. If it doesn’t fit in your mailbox – no worries! We will hold it for you and keep it safe until you can pick it up. At our local shipping store, your needs come first, and we jump through hoops to accommodate your busy schedule and to ensure prompt, dependable service on every one of your deliveries or received packages.

You can receive huge FedEx boxes or small UPS boxes; size just isn’t an issue when you choose our cutting-edge shipping store for your private mailbox service. If you’re planning to receive DHL parcels, no problem! We’re also an authorized DHL location.

As well, you should know that we don’t hit you with hidden fees when you rent a mailbox from us. No matter what comes in the mail, you won’t be charged more for your private mailbox.

To offer you supreme convenience, ease, and speed, we also provide mail forwarding, eBay selling/trading services, and passport photo/application assistance. If you need to send a fax, make some copies, or buy a few stamps, you will also be able to take care of these errands at our shipping store.

Premium service is our guarantee; after all, quick, reliable service is what sets up apart from the rest. If you need shipping services in Winston-Salem, NC  that don’t involve standing around in a long line-up, we are the right US Mail and international shipping store for your needs.

Our shipping store is the answer to your shipping woes, and it’s a great way to open up more precious time. Call Charlie at 336-499-2660  or email our shipping store today for more information; Goin’ Postal Winston-Salem looks forward to setting you up with an account that lets you “skip the line” forever!